Enhance Your Beauty With NonSurgical, Natural, Procedures, Done In Under An Hour

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IV drips or “intravenous micro-nutrient therapy” is all the rage in natural healthcare and it is NOW available by Dr WP Aesthetics. Pumping liquid vitamins directly into your bloodstream, these vitamin drips have made a name for themselves as a cure-all for the stressed, the anxious, the depressed, the dehydrated, the immune-weakened and the overweight. Here is a list of benefits you could achieve in just ONE HOUR.


by John Myers, a Baltimore Physician

- Improves Fibromyalgia

 - Pain relief

- Anti-Depressant

- Anti-Inflammatory

- Improves Skin Health

- Insomnia Relief

 - Improves Chronic Sinusitis 

- Maintenance of Health- Boost in Energy

 - Improves Fatigue

- Improves Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis

 - Treats Upper Respiratory Conditions

- Immunity Boost

 - Relief of Acute Muscle Spasm

- Headache and Migraine Relief


- Improves Sleep
- Increases Energy Levels
- Lowers Blood Pressure, Help Control Metabolic Syndromes
- Improves Skin Health 
- Helps Collagen Synthesis and Immune Modulation
- Reduces Stress Levels


Contains amino acids, vitamins and anti-oxidants. These ingredients work in combination on a cellular level to increase mitochondrial energy. 
- Increase Energy and Vitality Levels
- Improves Collagen Synthesis
- Increases Cellular Energy 
- Increase Excercise Tolerance and Athletic Performance
- Improves Fat Metabolism
- Improves Brain Function
- Increases Endurance and Stamina 
- Heals Damaged Muscles and Cells
- Anti-oxidant Effect


Most people have never even heard of GABA, let alone know what it does in the body. However, for those suffering from anxiety or insomnia, this important neurotransmitter can be the key to reducing symptoms.

Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) promotes relaxation and calmness. 

Its main function is to reduce the activity of nerve cells in the nervous system. Research has found that it could play a role in many conditions, including depression, anxiety and stress.

Gamma-aminobutyric acid is thought to have a natural calming effect and is believed to reduce feelings of anxiety and fear by decreasing neuronal excitability.

It is often used as a natural supplement to promote sleep, improve mood and ease premenstrual symptoms.



It also helps with

- Anxiety

- Insomnia 

- Depression
- Improves sleep 
- Helps with hypoglycaemia
- Treats migraines
- Treats anxiety
- Relief from muscle tension

ELITE IV with NADH & CoQ10

A boosting combination of Marais protocol with NADH and CoQ10. It basically works to produce more energy. 

NADH stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) + hydrogen (H). This chemical occurs naturally in the body and plays a role in the chemical process that generates energy.

Your body produces CoQ10 naturally, but its production tends to decrease with age. Health conditions like heart disease, brain disorders, diabetes, and cancer have been linked to low levels of CoQ10


- Mental clarity, alertness, concentration, and memory,
- Treating Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Dementia, Diabetes and  Plays a Role in Cancer Prevention
- Improves athletic performance,
- Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS),
- High blood pressure, High cholesterol, 
- Jet lag, Depression, 
- Opposing alcohol’s effects on the liver, 
- Reduces signs of ageing, Keeps Your Skin Young
- Protecting against the side effects of an AIDS drug called zidovudine (AZT). 

- Helps Treat Heart Failure

- Helps With Fertility

- Reduce Headaches

- Helps With Exercise Performance

- It Is Good for the Brain

- Protects the Lungs


Celebrities rumoured to have had skin lightening treatments

Glutathione is an antioxidant, much like vitamin C, and when a combination of glutathione, vitamins, minerals and fluids are administered via an IV infusion it hydrates the skin and reduces melanin production. 


Melanin is the pigment that gives skin its colour, and it is produced by the activation of an enzyme called tyrosinase. Glutathione binds to tyrosinase, which reportedly helps prevent the enzymatic pathways that produce melanin.  

The treatment works all over the body including from in between the toes and knuckles. Regular IV glutathione treatments are essential to the process of lightening the whole skin, not just pigmented areas.  If you miss a treatment, you risk achieving your desired results.



DesoBody and DesoFace fat dissolving injections designed to treat stubborn, localised pockets of fat, ideal for areas such as belly, love handles, back roll, bra fat, thighs, saddlebags, inner knees, upper arms. Suitable for males and females.


3 sessions - 3 vial x session


3 sessions - 2 vial x session

Mandibular margin and double chin

4 sessions - 1 vial x session

Double chin

3 sessions - 1 vial x session


Profound bio-revitalization is an aesthetic medicine technique for improving skin characteristics, by dermal and sub-dermal injection of compounds, leading to human fibroblast modulation.

The improved understanding of the structural changes involved in facial ageing has shifted the focus of treatment from just concentrating on isolated problem areas to multiple facial areas.

• The bio-remodelling is a wider technique of bio-revitalization since, in addition, to modulate the fibroblasts, induces other selective activities on different structures and cell lines.

Together these compounds create an aesthetic medicine technique for improving skin characteristics

- Provides nourishment and deep hydration to the aged skin

- Binding water molecules exert a dermal scaffold action

- The Acetyl Hexapeptide is made up of six amino acids with activity similar to that of Botox

- To reduce skin yellowing, hyperpigmentation, erythema and blotchiness

- Reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increasing collagen production and reducing excess photodamaged or wrinkled skin

- Reducing trans- epidermal water loss (TEWL) and increasing the skin’s barrier properties

- Amino acids found in collagen

- Cells respond by increasing production of nitric oxide, which signals the smooth muscle to relax, leading to vasodilatation 

- Collagen production with skin tone enhancement and a general anti-ageing effect

- Antioxidant action

- Block the enzyme cyclooxygenase-2 with anti-inflammatory action and it activates superoxide dismutase (SOD2) with antioxidant effect

- Antioxidant effects and is able to reduce free radicals.

The Profound compounds are

  • Low And High Molecular Weights Hyaluronic Acid

  • Acetyl Hexapeptide

  • Niacinamide (Vit Pp)

  • DMAE

  • Glycine - proline arginine

  • N-acetylcysteine


UP is a new filler hyaluronic acid-based from a non-animal source at a very high cross-linkage with BDDE for soft tissue augmentation. UP is a filler specifically create for face and body big volume restoration. UP is sterile, apyrogenic, latex free, viscoelastic and bio-degradable gel.

- Safe

-Long lasting effect
- Easy and fast to perform
- A natural effect, modulable


How it works: Once injected UP will expand the soft tissue giving a

volume effect or smoothing deep folds. The result will be immediate

and stable for many months, thanks to its strong stability of

HA due to the high level of purification and cross-linkage of HA,

until re-adsobition will erase the aesthetic outcome.


Lasts 6- 18 months

Face and body volume filler. Finest hyaluronic acid for big volume restoration for areas











The program is centred around two amazing products, the LIPO-ASSIST injection and the GLUC-ASSIST capsules. This MEDICAL weight loss and weight management programme is clinically proven and is suitable for everyone. Its unique formulation will not only assist you in losing the weight but also keeping it off!



Lipolytic method - Tried and tested over many decades, the exciting Lipolytic injection is clinically proven to be one of the more effective weight reduction approaches available. 
A natural, safe homoeopathic remedy that speeds up weight loss; helps you get rid of those unwanted cm’s; while rejuvenating your cells from within.
The addition of two key antioxidants: Glutathione and Selenium.

A unique formulation of natural ingredients, stabilising blood sugar levels and reducing cravings.
A well-balanced formula to assist with cravings and improve overall mood. It contains the Glucose Tolerance Factor complex (GTFCx) that is known to reduce cravings for sweets and starches in the afternoon and evenings. Enhances the function of insulin by carrying glucose inside the cells where it’s converted to energy.

Vitamin B6


It may assist individuals suffering from Emotional eating patterns.
It assists individuals suffering from binge eating patterns.
It significantly alleviates sugar cravings during the time of menstruation and may just be one of the latest remedies to help with resisting chocolates a little better.

This product is safe for use during pregnancy as well as breastfeeding cycles.


Enhance Your Beauty With NonSurgical, Natural, Procedures, Done In Under An Hour

And Lasts For Years



This VERY POPULAR toxin is used to successfully treat wrinkles and facial creases by blocking signals from the nerves to the muscles, so the injected muscle can't contract, which causes the wrinkle to relax and soften. Most often used on forehead lines, crow's feet (lines around the eye), and frown lines.


Takes 7-10 days to take full effect. The effect lasts 3-4 months




Hyaluronic acid is a natural element of our body and fulfils important functions such as maintaining moisture, firmness and elasticity in the skin. Environmental factors such as excessive and intensive skin exposure and also the natural ageing process contribute to the depletion of the body’s own level of hyaluronic acid. Skin becomes drier, thinner and loses suppleness and elasticity lines and wrinkles appear, volume decreases and changes the harmony of the face. Fillers achieve correction of the fine to deep wrinkles, modelling of facial contours, enhance volume and gives sensual and full lips.


The effect of fillers last 12-18 months.




Thread lifting is an innovative technique of facial rejuvenation. The procedure involves using various lengths of thin sterile needles to insert absorbable threads with barbs for lifting and armouring deeper connective tissues. The threads attach themselves in the subcutaneous where it acts as a frame for lifting and tightening loose and sagging skin. By this minimally invasive procedure, the new connective tissue is built up around the thread so that the skin gets firmer and tighter. Certain types of threads can also lift the facial tissue its original position The subcutaneous tissue is also stimulated to produce new collagen. The result will provide the skin with a well-rested and firmer look whilst supporting new collagen formation. This new and gentle method leaves no wounds or scars. This treatment can be used on the face, but also in various areas of the body where the main objective is creating a lift, rather than restoring volume.


The full effect of the threads can be seen 3 - 4 months later.

The effect lasts 18 - 24 months. 



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